Confirmation 2020

June 2019 Dear students and parents, With summer holidays quickly approaching, I thought I would take this opportunity to provide you with some information regarding Confirmation.  Now celebrated when students are in grade 7, the sacrament of Confirmation is a... read more

First Communion 2020

June 2019 Dear parents of our grade 1 students,                                   As we get closer to the end of another wonderful school year, we wanted to send some information to think about over the summer.  Your child in Grade 2, with the help of our Catholic... read more


R.C.I.A. Schedule for 2018/2019 The R.C.I.A. is the process that welcomes and introduces adult inquirers (18 years of age and older), who have felt the call of God to join our Catholic Faith. The initiation process is primarily for those who are not baptized, or... read more

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