Please see the press release below from the Archdiocese of Toronto that pertains to the government’s new stay-at-home order. 


Churches Remain Open During Stay-at-Home Order 


Posted April 7, 2021

The Government of Ontario will launch a province-wide stay-at-home order starting on Thursday, April 8, 2021. Ontarians are asked to stay at home except for essential matters.

Acknowledging that religious practice is essential in the lives of many Ontarians, the provincial government has not changed the current 15 percent capacity limit for places of worship, while maintaining two metres/six feet of physical distance between households.

Your local parish will continue to celebrate Mass as it has over the past several weeks.

Funeral Masses and services remain limited to 50 people, including the priest and those assisting him (but not including funeral home staff).

Meetings in parishes remain canceled, except for essential services – such as 12 step programs and food banks – which are capped at 10 people at a time.

Stay Safe

This is a very serious moment in the pandemic. The province is running out of hospital beds and that jeopardizes the lives of not just COVID-19 patients, but those who get into accidents or who are sick from other illnesses.

Churches in the Archdiocese of Toronto will continue to strictly enforce the WorshipSafe protocols that have kept our parishioners safe while in Mass. We ask that parishioners not congregate in or around the church before or after Mass.

The Archdiocese of Toronto strongly encourages those who are at an increased risk of COVID-19 to stay at home. Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, continues his dispensation of the faithful’s Sunday obligation at this time.

For those who cannot physically attend Mass, there are a number of virtual options available, including:

We continue to pray for you and we hope for a better summer.

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