The May 15 First Communion Mass has been postponed to a later date. The May 29 and June 5 First Communion Masses are tentative. 

In light of the new provincial restrictions, effective Monday, April 19 at 12:01am, all religious services will be capped at a 10 person capacity. We thank you for your continued patience and flexibility throughout this time.

The First Communion schedule will be updated once the lockdown is over and we have the new dates available. Please keep all of our sacramental families in your prayers, so that we may be able to safely celebrate the sacraments soon.


I pray that all of our First Communion families are well. As you have heard in the news, effective Monday April 19, all in person religious services will be capped at 10 PEOPLE only. These restrictions will remain in effect for four weeks, which will unfortunately affect our dates for First Communion.  For this reason, all of the May 15 First Communions will be postponed to a later date and the May 29 and June 5 First Communions are tentative.  We will update our Parish website/bulletin once the lockdown is over and we are updated on when we can safely celebrate First Communions again.  Please have your child continue to work on the First Communion preparation books at home. Father and I will send out the First Communion preparation videos to complement what the children are learning in their books, a little closer to the updated First Communion dates.  We encourage you to pray daily as a family by using the prayer pamphlet that was given at registration and to watch Mass every Sunday.  It is our faith that can truly help us get through some of these challenging days ahead.  We look forward to when we can see all of you again and the children can celebrate their very special sacrament of First Communion. 

We have had many questions regarding the attire for First Communion. Below is a little reminder of the attire for the children’s special sacrament. Please note that a mask must be worn by everyone entering the Parish and must be worn covering the nose and mouth for the entire Mass.


  • In their Sunday best with a white dress shirt and dark pants

  • Preferably in a suit but not necessary

  • First Communion armbands are allowed


  • In a white or off-white dress

  • No gloves, no purses, and no veil covering the face

For both boys and girls: no running shoes, no prayer books, and no rosary beads during the time of Mass.  I do have 2 new boys dress shirts (size 8 and 10) and 2 new ties as well as a previously worn First Communion dress in case anyone is interested/does not want to go shopping during these unique times.  Please contact Mrs. Selda if you are interested.   

God bless!        

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